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Kore on the Trail of the Tree Keepers

An evil queen and her salivating hounds are on the hunt. A fugitive young girl and her owl companion flee across the Wilderness of Zin. Will they elude the queen’s grasp and reach the refuge of distant Mt. Horeb before they are captured? How will they find their way through the strange enchanted landscape? Enter into the cadence and imaginative world of this epic poem filled with wisdom and adventure. A tale that stands in the tradition of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Kóre on the Trail of the Tree Keepers offers a gritty vision of the virtuous life that can serve as a compass in today’s moral wilderness.

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What happens when you take two wildly different things, suddenly throw them together into a tight space on a small page, shake vigorously and closely observe the mingling? Estuarial is the poetic test-tube for just such an experiment, and the results are sometimes delightful, sometimes prophetic, always eye-opening!