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Tethered: Technology, Faith & the Illusion of Self-Sufficiency

People everywhere are starting to feel uneasy about technological change.  Our lives are under constant surveillance, tech addictions of all kinds are on the rise, and our children are beginning to show the detrimental side effects of having been raised in front of screens. Meanwhile, our spirituality seems to be slowly slipping away.  Why is this happening? Is there anything we can do about it?

Engaging, highly readable, and at times laugh-out-loud funny, Tethered shows how and why the technological agenda will always be directly at odds with our spirituality, and gives people of faith a theoretical framework for how to think about these issues.

In directly challenging the status quo, the book is sure to ruffle some feathers. In the end, however, its message is ultimately one of hope: our world may be changing, but the greatest of spiritual truths never do, and that is where our assurance ultimately lies.


Praise for Tethered

“Tethered is an important and delightful read on what may be the most important challenge of our time: mastering the technological colossus which invades and colonizes every moment of life, every corner of the globe.  Collins is right on target in identifying the critical issues—and the most appropriate theological and practical responses.  His wry humor is delightful, his “conversations” with legendary thinkers deeply insightful, his challenges to teachers, parents, pastors, and personal users arresting.  With no exaggeration, this is a gem of a book to be read, re-read, and discussed with anyone we care about.”

David W. Gill, PhD, Mockler-Phillips Professor of Workplace Theology & Business Ethics, Gordon-Conwell Theological  Seminary (retired)

President, International Jacques Ellul Society

"... original, insightful, and prophetic..."

Ben Patterson

Editor, The Wittenburg Door

Author of Muscular Faith


C.M. Collins can be reached at cmcollins18@hotmail.com.